24 greatest discoveries of 2015 from Swiss cheese holes to a new cancer source

Scientists Discover Why Swiss Cheese Has Holes... Only Now?
Scientists Discover Why Swiss Cheese Has Holes... Only Now?

Despite not having flying cars like "Back to the Future" predicted, humans made quite a few discoveries in 2015 that helped rewrite how we understand the universe.

Many of the breakthrough studies revealed new information about food. Healthy eaters rejoiced when scientists discovered a type of seaweed that is more nutritious than kale, but tastes just like bacon. The age-old mystery of why Swiss cheese has its trademark holes was finally cracked when it was revealed that hay particles mixed into the milk causes the gaps to develop.

On a less happy food note, the World Health Organization experts found that eating processed and red meats (like bacon) everyday led to an increased risk of colorectal cancer.

New technology allowed researchers to learn more about ancient sites discovered many years earlier. Scientists announced earlier this month that they'd found new evidence suggesting that the rocks of Stonehenge were mined in Wales, not its current location in England.

Indiana Jones fans were thrilled when researchers discovered what could possibly be a hidden chamber in King Tut's tomb. Radar scans registered different temperatures on walls within the mausoleum, reinforcing the theory that untouched rooms may lie behind.

We learned a bit more about our animal friends too, and it turns out calling pets "fur babies" may not be as silly as it sounds. Scientists found that when humans and dogs look into each other's eyes they release oxytocin, the same hormone that bonds parents and their human babies.

Undoubtedly the biggest scientific breakthrough of 2015 came when NASA's New Horizons approached Pluto to get detailed snapshots of dwarf planet.

Take a look at all of 2015's biggest breakthroughs that got people talking:

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