OnlyOnAOL: Jillian Michaels' holiday gift guide

Jillian Michaels on Spike's "Sweat Inc."
Jillian Michaels on Spike's "Sweat Inc."


Fitness genius and mom of two Jillian Michaels shares her secrets to make your holidays bigger, better and stronger.

A membership to "This is the Netflix of fitness. This company has over 300 premium workouts of all kinds from your favorite trainers. It's available on any device - so you can work out any place anytime anywhere."

Bose wireless headphones. "I am obsessed with music and it's one of the top things to push me through a workout. Being able to train with my tunes unencumbered is heaven."

A membership to Thrive Market. "This is only $60 and it allows your loved ones to get healthy food and green hygeine and cleaning products at cost shipped straight to their door."

Casa Dragones tequila, "because if your friend is a tequila drinker they deserve only the best."

The Camelbak Bootlegger. "This cool wearable device allows distance runners, and hikers to hydrate with hands free ease."

"Donate toys and food to families in need. My family does this every year. We feel strongly it's important to share blessings all year round, and the holidays are no exception. You can simply google help a family in need. If you belong to a church they often organize toy drives. Toys for Tots is also a good organization."

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