OnlyOnAOL: Rachel Antonoff's cozy and quirky holiday gift guide

Rachel Antonoff on Fashion Shows and Her Famous Sibling

Designer Rachel Antonoff is all about dogs -- and clogs -- for the holidays.

"Our Randy Reproductive sweater, actually named after one of my friend's gynecologists! This sweater is comfy and a real conversation starter."

"I think Fox & Bond has the best, most special (and well priced) jewelry around. Basically the only jewelry I wear is from them. They do such a good job of balancing humor and beauty, which is really hard to do."

The Sunlight Night: "I love this book! Becky Dinerstein is a beautiful writer and I highly recommend it."

"I wear this necklace with EVERYTHING."

"I'm slightly biased as my dog, Lafitte, made it in here but regardless, I can't imagine a better coffee table book."

"I will be buying these No.6 Store clogs for myself immediately.The perfect intersection of cozy and cool."

"I am such a big fan of Happy Menocal. She has done some wonderful prints for Rachel Antonoff and I just love everything she does! I would be so happy to unwrap a print by Happy."

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