Super simple trick for saving spoiled wine just changed the game forever

Attention all wine lovers -- drop everything you're doing and listen closely, because this is going to be the most important news you hear all day. Have you ever gotten home after a long day at the office, or a long day out with the kids (because let's face it, that's not easy either) -- and all you want in life is a tall glass of wine? Yeah, us too, we get it. But just as you begin pouring your glass, you realize that the bottle you've been saving has now gone bad.

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Suddenly, everything you've worked for the entire day seems meaningless and you're debating whether or not to run to the store in your pajamas or just give up all hope and go to bed. Well now, you don't have to worry about making this painfully tough decision. There just so happens to be a ridiculously simple trick to saving spoiled wine that we guarantee you had no idea about.

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All you need is a glass of spoiled wine and a penny! And yes, we're serious -- that's it. Here's how it works:

  • Swirl your wine around in the glass a few times to rid it a bit of the bad aroma

  • Clean a penny thoroughly in the sink, then dry

  • Drop the penny right into your glass, swirl it around a bit then pull it out

We guarantee you'll smell a world of difference! And the best part about this wine hack? It's FREE! Well, technically it costs a penny, but you get the picture. So, why does this strange method work, you ask? The copper in your penny reacts to compounds in the wine producing odorless crystals, essentially riding your wine of that gross smell. Happy drinking!

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