OnlyOnAOL: Dita Von Teese's holiday gift guide

Dita Von Teese on Her Ultimate Guide to Rules of Glamour
Dita Von Teese on Her Ultimate Guide to Rules of Glamour


Dita von Teese, chanteuse, designer, style icon and author, teases out her holiday selections.

Estee Lauder Shining Stars holiday powder compact: "I collect these compacts...I would love to receive this one for Christmas this year! Because the refills never change, you can use them for decades and even buy vintage ones on eBay. It's perfectly acceptable to do makeup touch-ups in public if you use a beautiful compact."

A bespoke "Cuddle Clone" of a beloved pet: "They lovingly recreate a fully-customized plush duplicate of your pet! I have one of my cat Aleister."

Hue Color Ambiance Starter Kit: "I love to create a poetic and seductive living space. Flattering and artistic lighting can add so much to your home and do wonders for you confidence! I use the same kinds of lighting I use for my burlesque shows; peachy-pink and lavender light makes everyone look more beautiful."

"Liz Goldwyn's beautifully bound erotic novel 'Sporting Guide.' an elegantly risqué gift for a lover."

Matouk monogrammed towels: "I adore monograms on everything, and Matouk offers a beautiful and unique selection of styles."

My beauty book, 'Your Beauty Mark, the Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour.' "My book celebrates diverse beauty and the creation of glamour. Glamour doesn't depend on youth, wealth and it isn't even about being 'pretty.' Glamour for anyone that has the desire to create it. My book is filled with inspirational photos, step-by-step how to guides, historic anecdotes and unique perspectives on beauty from some of my fellow glambassadors."

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