This touching Toys 'R' Us commercial will reduce you to tears

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December is upon us, which means it's time to stress ourselves out with gift shopping to the point we forget the true reason for the season.

Who would have thought that a toy company, of all people, would be the one to provide us with the most poignant reminder of what really matters during the holidays?

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The same week that German supermarket company Edeka released a holiday ad that destroyed tear ducts all over the world, Toys 'R' Us is quarterback sacking us right in the feels with one of their own.

Instinct tells you from the very first scene that this commercial isn't going to leave a dry eye in the room. It opens with adorable footage of a father and his young son preparing for the holidays—making a gingerbread house, prepping for the school play, visiting Santa at the mall, etc.

But before long, you start to get the jist that there's someone missing from this family portrait.

On Christmas morning, as the little boy is excitedly opening gifts, a remote control car zips into the room with no driver in sight. As the child chases the toy car through his house and to the front door, we see the driver, and are in as much disbelief as he is.

Before we spoil the ending, have a look for yourself. But be warned, this video is NSFW unless you enjoy crying at the office.

There you have it folks, can't say we didn't warn you. Now if companies could stop playing our heartstrings like a guitar, that would be great.

In case your contacts are still dry, here's a video of a soldier surprising his son at a magic show to moisten them up:

Son Reunites With Soldier Father At Magic Show
Son Reunites With Soldier Father At Magic Show

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