Uncover the heartwarming story behind this operating room photo

Courtesy of Atlanta Children's Hospital / Facebook
Courtesy of Atlanta Children's Hospital / Facebook

At first glance, this may just look like your average surgery pair. But, there's actually so much more to this friendly duo than meets the eye.

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On Dec. 3, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta posted this photo to their Facebook page. As of 10:45 a.m. the next morning, the photo has racked up over 35K likes! Why, do you ask, is this photo so popular?

Good things happen when Dr. Reisner is in the OR, but this was certainly a first. When Javaris was a child, Dr. Reisner...

Posted by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Upon reading the caption, you learn that when Javaris (on the right) was a child, Dr. Andrew Reisner (left) saved his life by removing his brain tumor. In a wonderful twist of fate, the two reunited when Javaris, who is now an operating room technician, assisted Dr. Reisner during a surgery.

Thousands of positive comments have filled the Facebook page, speaking of the great work that both Dr. Reisner and Javaris have done for their children in the past. One comment in particular from Facebook user, Melissa Guest, reads:

%shareLinks-quote="This is so neat. We did not have Dr. Reisner but Javaris took my son from his room to the OR for his brain surgery two weeks ago today. We chatted on the way and he told me about his surgery as a child and how it was his desire to someday work at Chicago Childrens. He said he was passionate about his job and it showed. He's a wonderful young man." type="quote" author="Melissa Guest" authordesc="Facebook" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Things have truly come full circle, and now Javaris will be able to save lives, just as Dr. Reisner saved his.

In a similar touching story, watch the staff from two local hospitals reunite with the boy they saved to celebrate his first birthday:

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Staff from Two Area Hospitals Reunite with Boy They Saved to Celebrate His First Birthday

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