See the giant 'monster rat' roaming around this Chinese university

Dog-Sized Giant Rats Once Roamed Our Planet
Dog-Sized Giant Rats Once Roamed Our Planet

This has a giant "NOPE" written all over it.

The terrifyingly large rodent was seen scurrying around corridors and rooftops at Wenzhou Medical University this past week.

The "monster rat" measured approximately one meter long (including tail), which equals out to about 3.3 feet. To put things into perspective, that's about the size of a toddler child. Terrifying!

According to News Australia, the monster rat has been identified as a "coypu," which is also known as a river rat or nutria. In fact, nutria have been spotted in 16 U.S. states as well, and are considered a "largely considered an invasive pest, due to its thumb-sized front teeth and strong claws."​

Thankfully, the rat was captured inside a cardboard box. Originally, rumors swirled that this giant rat was the result of an experiment gone wrong, but this is not the case. Wenzhou University professors think the animal could have been purchased online as a pet, and accidentally escaped.

We're not sure why you someone would want one of these rats, but Metro reports that these rat babies sell on Taobao, China's largest online trading website, for 900 RMB (which equals out to approximately $140).

The "monster rat" is currently being held by wildlife officials, and will soon be released back into the wild.

See photos of the Hutia, rodents that are kept as pets in Cuba:

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