British judge allows nervous senior to bring his cat to court for comfort

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Without having been to court, most of us can assume it's a pretty harrowing experience.

It actually proved so nerve wracking for one elderly defendant that the judge allowed him to have his pet cat accompany him to a hearing at Chelmsford Crown Court for comfort.

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Aiden Wiltshire, 72, accused of stalking two different women, was given permission to take his cat Taylor into the courtroom to help him stay calm.

Judge Charles Gratwicke, the senior judge at Chelmsford Crown Court, gave his permission for the cat to be present at the trial after Wiltshire's lawyer, Gavin Burrell, claimed the defendant "suffers with health issues and is emotionally supported by his cat".
%shareLinks-quote="It's a crutch which he relies on. It's in a basket and not roaming free. I appreciate it sounds somewhat odd, but there's documentary evidence that the cat does provide emotional support for the defendant to cope." type="quote" author="Judge Charles Gratwicke" authordesc="cat enthusiast" isquoteoftheday="false"% The cat reportedly sat in a "wheeled shopping trolley" for the duration of the trial, poking his head out of the top to be stroked by Wiltshire. It is not know if, at any point, the cat was let out of the bag.

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