This Christmas commercial is going viral and messing with everyone's emotions

Grandpa Tricks Family Into Thinking He Died in Heartbreaking Holiday Ad
Grandpa Tricks Family Into Thinking He Died in Heartbreaking Holiday Ad

Christmas and the holiday season is a special time of year filled with laughs, loved ones and some of the best memories!

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During the holidays, many of us are spending time with family and friends, although, there are times when it just isn't possible. Some have prior commitments, travel issues and some just make excuses, let's be honest. In a now viral video German supermarket company Edeka released their 2015 holiday ad and it has a bigger plot twist than most big budget films.

The ad begins with an older man finding out his family won't be spending the holiday's with him, after he has slaved over a hot dinner! In an extremely depressing turn of events, the family members find out the man dies and they must come together to mourn at his funeral.

After gathering together and uniting for his funeral, plot twist, the man is actually alive, he just used his 'death' to bring his family together.

Needless to say, people took to social media to express their thoughts on the commercial.

If nothing else, make sure you are with your loved ones this Christmas!

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