OnlyOnAOL: Jane Lynch can always smell a rat

An Interview with Matthew Morrison at the Grove
An Interview with Matthew Morrison at the Grove


As the resident leisure-suit loving baddie on the FOX series "Glee," Jane Lynch was fearless, diabolical and power-crazed.

In real life, she gets freaked out by stuff that smells bad. Hence, her partnership with Febreze as one-half of its #12StinksofChristmas campaign, along with her friend and former costar Matthew Morrison.

"I'm obsessed with the product. I love good smells and I hate bad smells. My house is always clean-smelling," she says.

We spoke to Lynch about her olfactory turn-offs.

"I'm dealing with a dead rat in my wall right now. Rest in peace. It's decomposing and it reached its apex of smell on Thanksgiving day. I have a cat. The cat will catch a rat and surgically pull it apart. But it won't hunt them in the house. I live in the Canyon. They come in," she says.

It's quite possibly the most noxious odor possible.

"I could hear her in the wall and she had babies. They got out of the wall and ended up dying under my couch. The smell, oh my god," says Lynch.

On a more, ahem, sweet note, what turns her on?

"My favorite smell is a person's natural smell. I love cinnamon. I love rosemary. I have rosemary bushes. I love freshly cut grass. I love the smell of things cooking. Thanksgiving, man. It was so good," she says.

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