OnlyonAOL: Nick Offerman's holiday gift guide

Megan Mullally And Nick Offerman Have A Relationship 'Superiority Complex'
Megan Mullally And Nick Offerman Have A Relationship 'Superiority Complex'


Behold the holiday picks from Nick Offerman, who also runs his own woodshop in east Los Angeles.

Our Only World: "Any book by my favorite writer is a magnificent holiday treat, but this, his latest collection of essays is both medicinal and damn entertaining. His common sense will cause your hat to fly off, and you will be warmed with or without a fireplace by his love for his fellow man (and woman)!"

The Build Your Own Damn Stool kit by Offerman Woodshop: "New from our own RH Lee, now you can create your own solid rump-recliner! Throw in an OWS spokeshave kit and you have the beginnings of your own one-woodchuck shop."

Tumbler" by Ouiwon (Lis Goldschmidt ): "Beautiful ceramics from Bay Area craftswomen. Their tumblers are splendid for a dram of Scotch or a Hot Toddy."

Can't Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour: "Leonard Cohen's new album falls soundly into the lovemaking/music/road trip to coitus category."

Nomadic Furniture: D-I-Y Projects That Are Lightweight and Light on the Environment: "An oldy but a goody. great for people living in apartments without access to a woodshop--the pre-Ikea guide to building your own furniture."

Moon Table Lamp by Waves of White: "Sweet handmade lamps by LA-based artist Jane Parrott."

King Cage: Durango: "This bicycle bell doubles as a shot glass - no further explanation needed."

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