Twerking teen tragically dies after falling off hood of car

The mother of a teen who died after falling off the hood of a moving car broke down as she talked about her son who loved to make people laugh.

Posted by WSB-TV on Monday, November 23, 2015

A family is grieving after 16-year-old Alex Desalis tragically died last Saturday while merely trying to make his friends laugh in Paulding County, Georgia.

Desalis's parents say he was twerking on the hood of a Jeep when he slipped off and became pinned under the vehicle.

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"It wasn't a car surfing adventure," said Desalis's father, Kenneth Guthrie. "It was him climbing up on his friend's [vehicle]-the hood of the car, on all fours, more than likely being funny, trying to get a laugh by twerking."

State troopers say the teens were on the side of the road when they went for a ride up the road. That is when Desalis reportedly jumped onto the hood of the Jeep.

"He was on his knees and hands on the center of the hood," Trooper John Daniel reported. "Maybe he lost his footing and began to slide off the vehicle, striking the ground and then going under the Jeep."

Alex was immediately airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital, where his family decided to let their youngest child go 'peacefully' at 8pm on Sunday, removing him from life support the same day as his grandmother's 71st birthday.

"He was already gone," the devastated mother said. "I knew in my heart he was gone."

The driver of the Jeep, a female friend of Desalis, has yet to be charged but Desalis's parents say they does not want to see her receive any punishment for the incident.

"I don't want probation. I don't want her in jail," Michelle Guthrie says. "It was an accident. We feel more bad for the family -- for what they're going through as well."

A fundraising page has been created to help the family cover the cost of the funeral.

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