OnlyOnAOL: Drew Barrymore's deeply personal holiday gift guide

Drew Barrymore On "Wildflower"
Drew Barrymore On "Wildflower"


Drew Barrymore visits AOL Hq for Build on December 17, 2015 in New York. Photos by Noam Galai
Drew Barrymore visits AOL Hq for Build on December 17, 2015 in New York. Photos by Noam Galai

When it comes to famous folks, Drew Barrymore is perhaps one of the least disappointing people you'll ever meet. She's genuine, she's hilarious, she's easygoing, and she loves to drink her wine with ice (as does this writer). And she tries to imbue her kids with her same sense of normalcy.

"I'm sort of a minimalist with gifts at Christmas and birthdays. The rest of the year, they receive special things, so I don't go nuts," says the mom of Frankie and Olive.

Without further ado, we bring you the holiday picks from Barrymore, the head of Flower Beauty and author of Wildflower.

"Wildflower," written by Barrymore. The takeaway from the deeply personal book, says Barrymore, is that "happiness is a choice. And ultimately being happy is the goal but the fight to get there is the interesting part. Happiness is the immature aspiration. The fight to keep that consistent is the mature revelation."

An item you personalize for those you love: "Definitely something from Shutterfly, like a picture mug or a deck of cards. We have a wine glass with our company logo on it and we feel very legit. I love playing cards."

Something from the heart: "I make someone a painting or a drawing. I do it myself."

A meal for the family: "I love a cookbook. A cookbook is always perfect. I love the Williams-Sonoma series of 365. It takes the thinking out of it. It's always good. And they're doable recipes."

Something totally embarrassing and unexpected: "I do love a singing telegram. Birthdays, Christmas, surprises, big events."

One of her amazing bottles of vino: "For me, I'm sorry, but a bottle of wine wins every time. Get someone a bottle of wine with a bow on it and they will always be grateful."

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