Which employer would you choose based on perks?

Google-Style Office Perks Go Mainstream
Google-Style Office Perks Go Mainstream

More and more companies are hopping on the employee perks bandwagon nowadays – and it's not just big-brand names that are dishing out the goods. From small start-ups to international corporations, employee perks are becoming more commonplace, probably because happy employees = healthy profits. Take a look at the companies that are offering some of the best perks around and let us know which one you'd choose as your employer.

Research shows that happy employees are more productive – 12 percent more productive, to be exact. Therefore, it's definitely in a company's best interest to offer perks that keep employees satisfied and feeling appreciated, because unhappy employees are money pits.

In fact, according to a 2013 Gallup study, it was estimated that "actively disengaged" workers (or workers who couldn't care less about their job and are checked out) cost the U.S. between $450 billion and $550 billion per year. As you can see, dishing out a few stellar employee perks is a great way for American companies to retain good talent and save a few hundred billion dollars throughout the year. Good news for you, the prospective employee, who would probably love a few fringe benefits along with a competitive salary, health insurance, and so on.

What types of perks are we talking about here? All perks are not created equal, but that doesn't mean they all aren't amazing in their own right. For instance, Mars Inc. offers its employees an all-access pass to the company's 29 chocolate brands, including Twix, Dove Bars, Milky Ways, and Snickers – and don't forget about the free dog and cat food the employees' "fur babies" get to enjoy when they accompany their owners to work.

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If you're not a candy lover and/or a pet owner, then these perks may seem trivial to you. Likewise, if you're not a working parent, then perks such as on-site childcare (offered by AFLAC and Genentech) or "Baby Cash" (offered by Facebook, Yahoo, and Google) are irrelevant to you. Nonetheless, companies who go above and beyond to please their employees with attractive benefits and perks are the companies at which you want to work.

Let's take a look at the companies that are offering the most amazing perks to their employees, in the infographic below.

Best Perks of the Job
Best Perks of the Job

(Source: Chair Office)

After skimming through the infographic, which company would you choose based on perks offered? Is Google's unconventional, yet generous, "death benefit" pulling at your heartstrings? Or are Southwest Airlines' free flights sealing the deal? We can't all work at employers that offer cutting-edge perks, but figuring out what's out there might show you what's most important to you in life and at work.

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