Taking a look back at Reggie Miller's playoff Kryptonite

2 Point Lead: Reggie Miller in the House
2 Point Lead: Reggie Miller in the House

Surely you're familiar with Reggie Miller's playoff legacy -- and the infinite torture he placed upon the New York Knicks fanbase.

%shareLinks-quote="Believe it or not, Miller himself was a subject of unfair postseason treatment from a different team and player: the Bulls, and specifically, Michael Jordan." type="spreadWord"%

Jordan made a career out of tormenting Eastern Conference hopefuls, consistently blocking their way to the NBA Finals throughout the 1990s. Most infamously pertaining to Miller and the Indiana Pacers: the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals.

It was a heavyweight bout that dragged on for the full seven games, and Miller enjoyed his share of heroics. But -- as per usual -- Chicago pulled it out in the decisive contest. The Pacers got bounced in the Conference Finals to the Knicks the year after, and lost the NBA Finals in 2000, leaving Miller ringless through the rest of his storied career.

"I see that logo and I see that man," Miller said to Jordan-wearing host Yannis Pappas at 2 Point Lead headquarters earlier this season, "It brings back haunting memories." Check the video above for the complete interview, in which Miller asserts that the two haven't become friend since retirement.

Taking a look at the numbers, Miller's reluctance to warm up to No. 23 certainly isn't unwarranted.

Jordan's dominance coming against the best Pacers team of Miller's prime made it all the more painful.

The two teams face off tonight at 8 p.m. ET in the United Center, in the latest installment of the divisional rivalry. While the season is still young, it's never too early to consider playoff implications, and both teams surely have the postseason in their long-term sights.

See photos of Reggie Miller throughout his career:

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