Man allegedly has heart attack, smothers wife to death during jacuzzi sex at daughter's wedding


A man and woman were found dead in a jacuzzi tub at the Mexican resort they were staying at for their daughter's destination wedding. The Canadian couple was allegedly having sex in the whirlpool spa when Charles McKenzie, 67, suffered a heart attack and likely suffocated his wife Dorothy, 63.

The couple had traveled from Nova Scotia, Canada to Playacar Palace, a beachside resort in Playa del Carmen, for their daughter's wedding. The wedding was set to take place just days after the couple was found dead. Charles' brother-in-law Douglas Hastings said:

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The Mexican state of Quintana Roo told the Canadian Press that Charles' heart attack likely caused his wife to drown. According to David Rubeo, the spokesperson for the resort, the couple's family continued to stay at the hotel after the deaths. He said:

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Watch this video to learn about a couple who died having sex in a car:

Couple Dies While Having Sex in Car
Couple Dies While Having Sex in Car

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