People on the Internet are freaking out over this 'alien' creature


Earlier this week, people on the Internet went crazy over what they thought was a UFO, but actually turned out to be a missile test.

Now, the web is up in arms again, but this time, it is over a foreign-like creature that some believe to be an alien.

The bizarre photo of appeared on Reddit early Monday morning. User DinoVoter321 uploaded creepy snapshot of a small body with eyes laying in the dirt, "Friend found this outside her house. Wtf indeed..."

The small, gruesome creature appeared to have no hair and two limbs. It's tiny-like features are foreign and the alien-like animal appears to be dead. Users on Reddit offered their suggestions, speculating as to what the critter actually was. Another Reddit user posted a series of similar photos of the creature the same day.

One user likened the scene to a horror film.

%shareLinks-quote="I don't know what the f--- that is. If your friend is brave enough to remove it from their property, remind them to salt the ground afterwards. Nothing good can ever happen there now." type="quote" author="LollyMac" authordesc="Reddit User" isquoteoftheday="false"%

"It's clearly an alien," another Redditor commented.

However, the main consensus amongst Redditors is that the creature was actual a miscarried deer fetus that was ravaged raccoons.

See the poor alien-like creature below (WARNING: GRAPHIC):

Watch this to see people freak out over what looks like a UFO:

Social Media Thinks They See an Alien UFO
Social Media Thinks They See an Alien UFO

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