Thrift store caught making millions by reselling clothes donated to fake charity bins

Thrift Shop in Macklemore's Music Video Closes
Thrift Shop in Macklemore's Music Video Closes

Not all thrift shops are as cool as the one in Macklemore's video. A New York thrift store had to pay a $700,000 fine after an investigation revealed that Thrift Land USA in Yonkers used fake donation bins to collect free items for its stores. According to WMTW, the company was able to sell the donated clothes to make at least $10 million. The store planted more than 1,300 bins around New York and Connecticut and used the logos of two non-profit organizations "I Love Our Youth" and "Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rockland County." The company only paid very small fees to the non-profits to use their logo, ranging between $100 and $200.

%shareLinks-quote="Duping members of the public into thinking that they are making a charitable donation, when in fact they are enriching a for-profit corporation, is both deceptive and illegal" type="quote" author="Eric Schneiderman" authordesc=" New York Attorney General" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Thrift Land USA had to pay $50,000 in penalties and $650,000 to two non-profits so that the charitable intent of the people who placed clothing in its ins would be fulfilled. You can find the General Attorney's full statement here.

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