Student rips out cornea after cheap contacts stick to her eyeballs


While many students attempt to come up with the most creative costumes, props and accessories throughout Halloween weekend, many don't consider the health hazards of said props and accessories. One student learned the hard way that what looks cool and interesting might not be completely safe or reliable to wear.

Tia Goode, 18, was dressed as a leopard for Halloween. She spent 7 pounds on contacts to make her eyes look like cat eyes. At the end of the night, she attempted to remove the cheap pair of lenses. In the process, she accidentally tore our her cornea.

After about 40 minutes of attempting to remove the lenses, the young woman was finally able to get them out of her eyes. However, she was in so much pain that she had to go to the hospital. There, doctors realized that Tia had ripped the protective transparent layer on the front of her eyes. Tia recounted the ordeal in an interview for her school newspaper:

"I attempted to get the right one out first, which was the bad one. I had to wake someone up and it took about 40 minutes to get out. My eyes were watering like mad and the right one was still killing. I tried to go to sleep but couldn't because the pain was so bad, so I gave up and went up the hospital. The doctor had to put anaesthetic in my eye so I could open it. He had a good look and prodded my eye with a cotton bud because he thought some of the lens was still stuck in there. But it was actually because my cornea had ripped so bad. The lens was so dry that it had stuck to my eyeball and ripped the cornea completely out with it."

Fortunately, there the University of South Wales student was told that her eye won't endure any lasting damage. For now, she has to take antibiotics and keep her eye covered with a patch. Now, Tia is warning against non-prescription contacts. She said:

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Watch this video to learn how to get the perfect cat eye without using lenses:

How to Get the Perfect Cat-Eye
How to Get the Perfect Cat-Eye

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