Mother pulls baby from car seat seconds before car explodes

When a woman pulled up in her car outside of her mother's house, she noticed that smoke began to billow from the engine. She opened the hood of the car and quickly realized that she had very little time to spare. She quickly unbuckled her 10-month-old son from his carseat and fled from the car seconds before it burst into flames.

Lisa Taperek, 32, believes her son, Kinsley, was seconds away from being caught in the explosion. She is now furious that Vauxhall, the car company, isn't taking stronger action to protect other drivers from the same terrifying occurrence. Lisa said:

"I can't believe how quickly it went up in flames - it was no more than 20 seconds after I got Kinsley out. If I had left him in there a little bit longer, the smoke was pouring in really fast, he would have died from the smoke alone. It doesn't bear thinking about. It's absolutely disgusting to think Vauxhall is letting people drive these cars. If he had died who would have held their hands up?"

This isn't the first time a 2007 second-generation Zafira model has gone up in smoke. More than 150 owners of the particular model have reported that their cars spontaneously combusted. Lisa, who wasn't aware of the model's questionable history, said that everything seemed perfectly normal just before the incident occurred. She said:

"I was faffing about in my bag when mum walked down the drive to the car, opened up the door and said 'why is the car smoking?' I hadn't even noticed it. I got out and popped the bonnet, and by this time the smoke was just pouring in and Mum said 'just get the baby out.' We got out on to the driveway and no sooner had we walked into the house to call the fire brigade it was up in flames."

While Kinsley came out of the incident unscathed, his new car seat was completely destroyed, showing what may have happened had Lisa been unable to grab her baby before the explosion. Lisa now wants Vauxhall to do more than just issue a warning that may not be seen by all. She said:

"It's not enough for them to say it's been on Watchdog, more needs to be done to make people aware. They're not recalling them and they didn't give me any compensation whatsoever. At the time the heater was just on level one, to clear the windscreen, and we only drove around the corner. I have had no other trouble with the car at all."

Lisa wants to warn other drivers how dangerous the car model can be. It nearly killed her and her son had she not taken such quick and effective action.

Watch this video to learn more about the Vauxhall Zafira fire warning:

Vauxhall Zafira Fire Warning
Vauxhall Zafira Fire Warning

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