Woman apparently bursts into flames while sitting on park bench

A woman in her 40s was relaxing on a park bench Monday evening when she reportedly appeared to combust. Witnesses say that they saw the woman engulfed in flames moments after she appeared to be resting on the bench. She is now fighting for her life with severe burns.

After witnesses saw the woman burst into flames, they reportedly rushed over to help her. One man took his jacket off and used it to beat out the fire. While his efforts were successful in putting the fire out, the woman had already suffered intense burns at that point.

The incident reportedly occurred in Flensburg, Germany. It is believed that the woman is from Mauritius. She was rushed to a local hospital after the incident in the park. From there, she was airlifted to a specialist burn unit in Lubeck. She is reportedly still in critical condition.

It has been suggested that the cause of the incident is Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC), a term used when a person's body bursts into flames without any external ignition source. However, this cause has not yet been confirmed.

Some theories that have formed with regard to the cause of SHC through forensic investigators' attempts to analyze SHC are victim behavior and habits, alcohol consumption and proximity to potential ignition sources and disorders of the fires that consume melted fats.

While the woman may have appeared to spontaneously burst into flames, prosecutor Stahlmann-Liebelt reportedly said that investigators have not yet ruled out the possibility that the woman set herself on fire in an attempted suicide.

Watch this video to learn more about Spontaneous Human Combustion:

Can a Person Spontaneously Combust? Irish Coroner Says Yes
Can a Person Spontaneously Combust? Irish Coroner Says Yes

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