This study reveals how poop can be worth $9.5 billion

From Feces to Fuel - Scientist Sees Potential in Poop-Power
From Feces to Fuel - Scientist Sees Potential in Poop-Power

On the same line of the study in the video above, the United Nations think tank researched a simple and very profitable solution to the disposal of human waste. According to Time, humankind produces 640 billion pounds of feces every year and 3.5 billion gallons of urine. This means that every individual is creating an incredible amount of human waste a year, and while in developed countries the process is as simple as flushing a toilet, it becomes a much greater issue in other regions.

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Twenty-five to 45 percent of human feces is actually composed of gaseous methane that is produced by the bacterial breakdown and a solid residue that can have an energy content similar to that of coal if dried and concentrated. According to the report, if the waste produced by one billion people was to be converted to fuel, the result could power 10 to 18 million households, being worth $376 million.

While the study shows promising ideas, the problem of implementation persists, especially when it comes to scale to a global level. On the other hand, any other great achievement of humankind was not an easy process and the implications of implementing such project could be enormous for the the environment and for society.

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