Low-key destinations for the perfect November escape


Let's get right down to it -- you NEED a vacation and you need it now! So, why not take one in the month of November? While the leaves change color and the chill begins to get a little stronger, it seems as though November is the perfect time for a low-key escape.

But where to go?! With so many gorgeous places to choose from, this is often the hardest decision to make when you're planning a vacay. Luckily, we're here to make things easier for you. After all, certain places prove to be just right when it comes to getting away from it all.

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If this sounds like something that might appeal to you, take a peek at the slideshow above for fun and relaxing destinations for the perfect November getaway. Enjoy and de-stress, because you deserve it!

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3 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Vacation Now
3 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Vacation Now

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