10 brand spankin' new Halloween candies to satisfy your sweet tooth

Here Are America's Top 5 Favorite Halloween Candies
Here Are America's Top 5 Favorite Halloween Candies

Alright Halloweeners, we all know that no matter how much we love the parties and the costumes -- candy is what really makes Halloween what it is! From all the chocolate you can imagine to candy corn galore, there's just something about Halloween that make us unable to stop stuffing our faces full of sweet treats.

But aside from the traditional popular Halloween candy we know and love, there's so many new candies to choose from this year and we're obviously crazy excited about it! We're just saying, some of these sound so yummy we might not even give them out to trick-or-treaters and keep them for ourselves instead.

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So take a look and get shopping at your local store -- because these goodies aren't going to eat themselves!

1. Brach's peanut butter cup candy corn

2. Starburst Halloween mix

3. 3 Muske'fears'

4. Kit Kat triple chocolate

5. Caramel apple peeps

6. Hershey's candy corn bar

7. Skull and bones sweet tarts

Click through below for recipes you can make with leftover Halloween candy:

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