College student's act of kindness towards 2-year-old stranger restores our faith in humanity

VIRAL: Purdue Football Player Buys Little Girl Surprise Birthday Gift
VIRAL: Purdue Football Player Buys Little Girl Surprise Birthday Gift

When a woman brought her 2-year-old daughter to an Indiana Target to pick out a doll for her upcoming birthday, the little girl was beyond excited. She knew that she was getting an amazing new birthday gift, but she and her mom had no idea that a kind young man in the store would end up paying for it.

Megan Shufflebarker brought her daughter, Kinley, and her son to their local Target on October 22 so that Kinley could pick out the perfect new doll. The sweet little girl strolled down the aisles, enjoying the view of the hundreds of dolls adorning the shelves beside her. As she bustled with excitement over the dolls, a young couple overheard her and asked which doll was her favorite.

When Kinley pointed to her favorite doll, Tario Fuller II, a freshman and football player at Purdue University, grabbed the doll from the shelf and told Kinley to stay put as he quickly walked away. Confused, Kinley asked her mother where the young man was taking the doll. Megan, also confused, told Kinley that there were plenty of other dolls to choose from.

Shortly afterward, Fuller returned with a bag containing the young girl's favorite doll and a gift receipt. He handed her the doll and wished her a happy birthday. Megan posted a photo of Kinley standing with her brother and Fuller. She explained the sweet incident in the post, which has since been shared over 64,000 times:

My heart is about to explode. We were in target tonight and this younger couple was walking thru the toy aisles...

Posted by Megan Shufflebarger on Thursday, October 22, 2015

Happy birthday, Kinley!

Watch this video to learn about a teenager whose act of kindness towards a young girl went viral:

Teen's Kind Act at Skatepark Goes Viral
Teen's Kind Act at Skatepark Goes Viral

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