Peek inside the modern micro cabin 'treehouse' that's only 170 square feet!

5 Things You Didn't Know About Tiny Homes
5 Things You Didn't Know About Tiny Homes

If you've ever been inside a "micro home" before, then you know how unbelievable they truly are to the naked eye. While your idea of comfort may be a giant entry way or a 2-person shower, comfort for those who live in tiny homes consist of something much different. Often times, less than 100 square feet is all they need, believe it or not.

While you may be thinking "why on earth would someone live in a home so small," the answers certainly vary. Some choose to reside in these baby abodes to be more eco-friendly, while others just don't desire more space than actually necessary.

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But today, we're taking a look at one micro home in particular that easily reminds us -- bigger isn't always better. Say hello to the Banyon Drive Treehouse Micro Cabin!

Photo: Eric Staudenmaier via Rockefeller Partners Architects

This incredibly unique tiny home measures in at a mere 170 square feet in size! But don't let the name fool you -- it's not actually a treehouse. The minimalist residence got its fun title due to the fact that it sits 12 feet off the ground on stilts! Because of this, it encompasses the look and feel of a treehouse, although no living trees are actually involved in its perch. Awesome, right?

Located near downtown Los Angeles, California in the backyard of a normal residence -- the home is described by Rockefeller Partners Architects as part office, part studio, part recreational getaway. Seems pretty accurate.

Though modest in size, the cabin sets a modern, whimsical tone behind closed doors. Equipped with a living area, bathroom, mahogany windows and wood siding -- the "treehouse" brings new meaning to the term minimalist.

Photo: Eric Staudenmaier via Rockefeller Partners Architects

If you haven't already guessed, the owner is an artist and lover of nature -- giving meaning to why the micro cabin makes for the perfect elevated getaway. Click through below to take a sneak peek inside this ultra special tiny home.

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