9 times Adele gave us the best cry of our lives

All the Questions We Have About Adele's New Music Video
All the Questions We Have About Adele's New Music Video

We can't stop the pain, and we don't want to.

When Adele released her obviously superb single, "Hello," last week, she unleashed a tsunami of emotions onto our now-broken hearts -- and we're more than OK with that.

Now that we've run out of tears to shed, we're celebrating the British songstress' sob-into-a-pillow songs and the perfect sadness that is Adele.

See Adele through the years:

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1. With Every Crushing Word of "Hello"

Hello. It's us. We were wondering: Are you still curled up under the covers, bawling so hard it hurts? Waiting to be saved? Planning your next breakup just so you can let Adele soothe your sobbing soul on repeat? "I'm sorry for everything that I've done," Adele wails during "Hello," so you can really hear her heartache, "but when I call you, you never seem to be home."

First of all, who doesn't take Adele's calls? Also, sniffle sniffle.

Watch more below:

Adele's First New Song in 3 Years Was Worth the Wait
Adele's First New Song in 3 Years Was Worth the Wait

2. Post-"Someone Like You" Sobfest

She belted out "Someone Like You" without missing a single note, but the end of her performance at London's Royal Albert Hall in 2011 was a different story. Breaking down on stage (why is no one giving her a hug?!), she could barely get "thank you" out. She grabbed a tissue and dabbed her soft, perfectly wet face, and for that single sad moment, her words rang true: She "couldn't stay away," she "couldn't fight it" -- and we couldn't either.

3. That Epic Grammy Sweep

Even when Adele is happy, like she was at the 2012 Grammys while scooping up yet another statue for 21, she's weepy. But hey, no sad tears here, only happy ones.

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4. "Make You Feel My Love" Music Video

So Adele sings Adele songs just as we listen to them: in bed, in our pajamas. And who exactly is she texting in the video for "Make You Feel My Love"? It's so clearly a group text to the world, because we all need to feel Adele's love every time she sings.

5. When Adele Hung Up On Lionel Richie

We. Are. Dead. And by dead, we mean crying from laughing so hard, because this Lionel-Adele mashup is killing us.

6. That Time She Made This Face

We'd wipe those tears away for you, Adele, if we weren't using two hands to wipe away our own.

7. "I Can't Make You Love Me" Cover

How do you make a sad song sadder? Let Adele serenade you with it. Bonnie Raitt's classic torch-song "I Can't Make You Love Me" got the teary Adele treatment, and as she surrendered to the fact that her lover didn't love her back during this cover, she broke you and your poor heart in half.

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8. When Adele Cried In "Hello"


It's the saddest, loneliest mascara-laced tear you've ever seen. Why? Because it belongs to Adele, and Adele Tears deserve to be acknowledged for their flawlessness alone. Look at how it gently rolls down her cheek -- the soul water of a goddess.

Also, there's this...

Yes, that dramatic "Hello" hair: It speaks, it cries, it feels. And if you're not already a howling mess by this point during "Hello" -- the cry-inducing climax -- that hair will surely take you there.

9. Her First Album In Four Years

Adele's long-awaited third album, 25, drops Nov. 20. She penned a lovely letter to announce its arrival, and this was obviously our precise reaction to the news...

Still clutching your pillow close to you? You are not alone. Watch the video below to see Kate Hudson release a steady stream of Adele Tears.

Kate Hudson Is Ugly Crying Over Adele and So Are We
Kate Hudson Is Ugly Crying Over Adele and So Are We

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