Woman writes disturbing letter to neighbors, threatens to eat their children

Neighbor Accused Of Sending Family Note That Read 'Children Look Delicious'
Neighbor Accused Of Sending Family Note That Read 'Children Look Delicious'

A Minnesota woman has been arrested after allegedly sending anonymous letters to her neighbors. In the letters, the woman reportedly wrote that she wanted to "taste" the neighbors' children.

Carrie Pernula, 38, was apparently upset that her neighbors' two elementary school-aged children were leaving toys in her yard after playing. She reportedly decided to threaten the family in an effort to make them leave her alone. On September 27, the parents of the two children received a letter in the mail that read, "The children look delicious. May I have a taste?"

The parents, terrified, informed authorities and called the Champlin Police Department to report the letter. In addition, they posted on the Champlin Community Facebook page to address the issue. The message read:

%shareLinks-quote="Opened our mail today to this letter. Obviously my stomach started doing somersaults." type="quote" author="Michelle Welch Yangwel" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

Soon afterward, the couple began receiving magazine subscriptions that they never subscribed to. Instead of a name and address adorning the labels of the magazines, the labels contained eerie messages. Champlin Deputy Police Chief Ty Schmidt said:

%shareLinks-quote="Instead of a name on the address label it said things like 'tasty children' along those lines." type="quote" author="Ty Schmidt" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday=%

Michelle Welch Yangwel, the wife and mother who received these disturbing messages from her neighbor, explained how they figured out who was sending them the letters and magazines. She said:

"The original letter that was sent did say 'the children look delicious may I have a taste.' After that we received about a dozen free catalogs that she had signed us up for the companies' mailing lists. Those were addressed to 'I want your children,' 'tasty children,' 'lick them children' and 'taste them children.' That information was not made public in hopes of being able to track the sender which the Champlin police department was ultimately able to do."

After the Champlin Police Department traced the magazines back to Pernula, they placed her under arrest. Pernula later admitted that she made the threats towards her neighbors' children because she was angry that the children always left toys on her porch.

Pernula was released from jail on Monday and has not been charged. The Champlin city attorney is currently reviewing her case.

Watch this video to learn about another creepy neighbor who disturbs his community members:

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