Easily upgrade your Oreos with this fabulous cookie hack

Upgrade Your Oreos with This Cookie Hack
Upgrade Your Oreos with This Cookie Hack

Let's get right down too it -- the world LOVES Oreos, there's no getting around it. From their crunchy, chocolatey shell, to their creamy, soft filling -- Oreos are simply that one cookie you never get sick of. And the best part is, there are SO many ways to enjoy these babies.

Some people only like the filling, while others like to dip them in milk or eat each side separately -- plus there are now tons of different Oreo flavors to choose from and basically, we're a little overwhelmed. But did you know there are ways you can actually upgrade your Oreos to make them even more delicious? Well, there are and we've got the trick to doing so.

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So if you're ready to get the most out of your favorite treat, then listen closely -- because this cookie hack is about to make snacking a whole lot sweeter!


  • Double Stuf Oreos

  • Icing

  • Sprinkles

  • M&Ms


  • Line the filling outline of your Oreo with icing

  • Dip outline in sprinkles and/or M&Ms

  • Continue steps 1 + 2 until you have as many upgrades Oreos as needed

Believe it or not, that's all there is to it! Enjoy with friends and family.

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