Alas, sweet potato fries have officially made it onto the McDonald's menu


In the aftermath of McDonald's rolling out their new all-day breakfast, we never expected another exciting menu addition to occur so soon. However, McDonald's has surprised us yet again by adding sweet potato fries to the mix in select locations.

The menu addition comes in conjunction with the Create Your Taste burger initiative the chain recently launched. In case you're thinking this new menu item is too good to be true, McDonald's official Texas Panhandle Twitter account just made a subtle nod toward the sweet potato fries with a mouth-watering pic:

In light of the tweet, the company has confirmed that the sweet potato fries will be served at locations in Amarillo, Texas. If customers give the fries a thumbs up, we could eventually see the side as an official addition to McDonald's menus world-wide!

Watch this video to learn about the secret McDonald's menu items you may not know exist:

McDonalds Secret Menu Confirmed
McDonalds Secret Menu Confirmed

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