Doctors make shocking discovery in pregnant woman's ultrasound


When Keri McCartney was 23 weeks pregnant, she, her husband and their four children went to their Texas obstetrician's office for an ultrasound. They were excited to find out the sex of their new baby. Instead, the ultrasound revealed a shocking discovery that quickly turned a joyful day into a nightmare.

From looking at the ultrasound, doctors discovered a mass the size of a grapefruit growing on Keri's baby, who the family learned to be a girl. The mass turned out to be a tumor full of blood vessels that were taking blood away from the baby, making the mass very deadly.

As the situation is so rare that it only occurs in about one in 40,000 births, Keri's doctors had never seen anything like it. Keri went to the Texas Children's Fetal Center to undergo a risky prenatal surgery. The baby was given a less than 10 percent chance of surviving.

During the surgery, doctors cut into Keri's abdomen, pulled out her entire uterus and half of the baby's body - all without rupturing the placenta. Dr. Olutoye said:

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FYI, this video contains footage from a medical procedure:

Once surgeons removed the tumor, they placed the baby girl back into the womb. Remarkably, the baby survived the ordeal and was born for the second time 10 weeks later after growing stronger in the womb. The baby was "born twice" and came away with only a small scar on her back.

Watch this video to learn about a miracle baby born with part of his skull missing:

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