Teen kills 10-year-old girl and father of 3 while texting and driving

Two Dead in Minnesota After Texting Driver Runs a Red Light
Two Dead in Minnesota After Texting Driver Runs a Red Light

In July, a Minnesota teen driver allegedly ignored her friends' pleas to stop texting while driving. Moments later, the teen drove straight through a red light and killed another driver and his 10-year-old daughter. Last week, astonishing new details about the summer tragedy were revealed.

Carlee R. Bollig, 17, allegedly told her three friends to "f--- off" when they gave her a hard time about texting and driving. She reportedly said that she "didn't care if she crashed" moments before the collision occurred.

The unlicensed teen allegedly plowed through an intersection in Sherburne County while one of her friends screamed "red light, red light!" According to investigators, Bollig never touched her brakes before T-boning her pickup truck into a passing minivan.

The minivan was driven by 54-year-old Charles Maurer. The father of three was airlifted to a hospital where he was soon pronounced dead. His youngest daughter, Cassy, was also in the car. The 10-year-old spent 10 days on life support before succumbing to her severe head injuries and being taken off of life support. Friends set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for the family and funerals.

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Caysi Jaronske, 17, was in the car with Bollig on that fateful day. She told investigators that they asked Bollig to stop texting and updating Facebook multiple times while she was driving. After the crash, Bollig reportedly asked her boyfriend, 18-year-old Deven Garlock, to lie about having been the one behind the wheel.

While state police initially believed that Garlock was driving the car, DNA evidence collected from the truck recently proved that Bollig must have been the one behind the wheel. In addition, the search of the vehicle allegedly recovered a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Since the new details about the incident were revealed last week, Bollig has been charged with two counts each of criminal vehicular homicide and criminal vehicular operation, texting and driving, and driving without a valid license.

Maurer's oldest daughter and her friend, both 15, were wounded in the crash but fortunately survived. All three of Bollig's friends were also injured but survived their injuries.

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