Get ready to watch the first live brain surgery on TV

Live Brain Surgery to Air on Television for the First Time

Live shows, live debates, live games are all things we are way too used to watching, so National Geographic Channel decided it was time to bring something new to the audience with a live brain surgery. This will be a real-life version of the type of scenes you may have seen on shows such as "E.R." or "Grey's Anatomy" but without the actors and special effects.

The channel will partner with Mental Floss to air the surgery on October 25, 2015, at 9 p.m. ET. The patient will be fully awake during the operation, which will take place at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio and will last for about two hours. Two handheld cameras will capture the scene and a number of robotic cameras mounted in the doctors' surgical equipment will broadcast the happenings from an extremely close point of view.

Dr. Jonathan Miller, who will be part of the team, explained:

By partnering with National Geographic and Mental Floss, two incredible brands with a passion for exploring science, we hope to demystify brain surgery, diminishing the fear and stigma of this operation. We hope that this live broadcast of a deep brain stimulation surgery will educate viewers and offer a comprehensive look at this cutting-edge surgery.

While this does not seem the type of show for which you may want to get your popcorn ready, it sounds like a pretty incredible chance to see how the procedure is done.

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