Woman eats 20 sponges soaked in Fairy Liquid every day

A woman who suffers from a rare OCD disorder finds a guilty pleasure in eating kitchen sponges soaked in Apple Fairy Liquid. The woman eats up to 20 sponges every day.

Emma, 23, began chewing bath sponges when she was 3 years old. As she knew it wasn't a good habit, she only allowed herself to chew on the sponges occasionally while in the shower. However, a few years ago, Emma tried indulging in a kitchen sponge. The woman, who suffers from an eating disorder called Pica, now eats multiple sponges every day.

Pica causes those affected to eat substances without any nutritional value. As a result of eating the sponges, Emma developed tonsillitis last year. She has not sought help for the condition, though, and continues to enjoy eating the sponges.

Every night, Emma soaks the sponges in apple-flavored Fairy Liquid. When she wakes up in the morning, she begins eating them. Emma fully believes that the cravings result from a perfectly innocent habit. She said:

"Some people have a cigarette, I just have a sponge. Some people go out for a steak, I would rather go out for a sponge. I like the smell and taste of the washing-up liquid on the sponge. It tastes like apples, it's quite foamy. My mouth gets full of foam. As soon as someone mentions a sponge or I am washing the dishes or see a packet of sponges in the shop I need to have one. Every time I am running a bath, I go to make a sponge and sit it on the side of the bath. I'm in my element when I'm in the bath."

Emma even takes sponges to work with her in a lunchbox. She said that she has no plans to see a doctor about the condition unless it worsens and beings to control her life.

Watch this video to learn about a woman with a very similar disorder and habit:

Bizarre Disorder Causes Woman to Eat 4,000 Sponges

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