How one Facebook post allegedly led to murder

When a man posted a picture on Facebook of his fiancee holding hundreds of dollars, he never thought that the seemingly harmless joke would lead to devastation. However, after posting a picture of the money on Facebook, three masked men entered the man's home and killed him.

Tony Harris, a 50-year-old electronics repairman, posted the picture on Facebook of his fiancee Amber Crane holding the money with the caption:

"I misplaced $60,000.00. I hope my wife didn't go shopping with it."

While the post was met with what seemed like normal and uneventful responses, a week later the three masked men entered Harris' home in Kingsessing, Pennsylvania and demanded the money that they saw in the Facebook post.

One man held a fun to Harris' head while another held a gun to Crane's head in the kitchen. When Harris told the men that the photo was a joke and that there was no money, he was shot in the head. The men then fled the scene.

Watch this video to see how a Facebook post landed an underage boy in a lot of trouble:

Drunk Facebook Post Leads to Teen's Arrest

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