Cow escapes down the highway, chaos ensues

Cow Escapes from Trailer on Freeway
Cow Escapes from Trailer on Freeway

This cow chase down an Arizona highway was "udderly" ridiculous!

Department of Public Safety officials were called to the metro Pheonix Arizona freeway around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday after reports of a disabled cattle truck near I-10 and US 60.

Authorities say the driver heard a noise coming from the back of the truck, and when he went to check, he noticed the trailer door was open and one of his cows had escaped.

Officers tried to block traffic and steer the animal away from oncoming traffic. The animal ran back into traffic and the officers say they had no choice but to shoot the 2,000 lb. animal.

According to ABC, "DPS confirmed the animal was euthanized to keep it from suffering."

See photos of the world's tallest cow here...He's totally milking it:

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