Mother feeds heroin off her finger to 3-week-old baby boy


A 22-year-old Indiana mother has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after exposing her 3-week-old baby boy to illegal drugs. The mother allegedly allowed the newborn baby to suck heroin off of her finger.

After doctors observed the baby boy, they discovered that opiates were in his system. The little boy went through a painful withdrawal from the drugs.

Shaniquea Nutter of Huntington will serve six years in prison with four years suspended. The mother pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent as well as dealing in a narcotic.

In addition, Nutter's 32-year-old husband Jason Nutter reportedly watched the crime happen without stopping it. Therefore, he faces similar charges with dealing in a narcotic and neglect of a dependent resulting in bodily injury. His pretrial conference is set for November 9.

Watch this video about a similar situation in which a mother was accused of giving her 6-month-old baby cocaine:

Mother Accused of Giving Baby Cocaine
Mother Accused of Giving Baby Cocaine

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