Top 5 On the Go: Tuesday October 13


It's the evening of Tuesday, October 13 and these are the top stories you need to know right now on

1. Clinton, Sanders clash on guns, economy, foreign policy

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders kept the spotlight as they clashed over gun control, the economy, and foreign policy in the first Democratic presidential debate Tuesday night.

2. California's sweeping new social policies could set trend
California has passed some of the most aggressive new social laws in the U.S. around vaccinations, right-to-die, and equal pay, which some politicians hope will become a trend for their states.

3. Dutch Safety Board: Buk missile downed MH17 in Ukraine
An investigation by the Dutch Safety Board concluded that a Russian-made missile struck down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 last year. However, the report did not reveal who launched the missile.

4. Syrian army, allies preparing attack in Aleppo area
Officials said Syria's army and its allies are preparing a major attack on the country's largest city with the help of Russian airstrikes. The planned offensive is likely to cause more tension with its neighbor, Turkey.

5. Islamic State urges jihad against Russians, Americans: audio
ISIS called on Muslims to a launch a "holy war" against Americans and Russians today, in an audio message distributed by Islamic State supporters.

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