The story behind the boy's school photo outfit will make you smile


The Gose family of Brownsburg, Ind. have a sweet family tradition that dates back to 1954. All Gose boys have posed for their first grade school photos wearing the same gray sweater that their great-uncle first sported in his school picture 61 years ago.

When 7-year-old Brady Gose took his turn in the sweater for his first grade picture day, the photo, as well as the story behind the adorable family tradition, went viral. Brady was the fifth in his family to don the hand-me-down item.

According to Brady's father, Chuck Gose, the sweater didn't have much sentimental meeting when his grandmother first purchased it back in 1954. Somehow, however, the simple item became a well-worn custom within the family. Despite its typical origin, the sweater has become perhaps the most meaningful item in the family's history. Chuck said:

"When you're in first grade, it seems like a lifetime away. But then all of a sudden here we are — a lifetime away. It's been 33 years since I wore the sweater, 57 years since my dad wore it last. We don't know when the next time is going to be, but hopefully it does happen."

Here's to another 61 years of passing down the timeless piece of clothing!

Watch this video to see a compilation of the greatest school photos:

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