See the outfit that almost got this man kicked out of Disneyland

The Disneyland Dance Descends on California
The Disneyland Dance Descends on California

The most magical place on earth wasn't so enchanting for this fashion risk taker.

September 29 through October 2, Disneyland was home to the unofficial Gay Days weekend in Anaheim, California.

British blogger, Anthony Gilét, was in town for the international event, and took this opportunity to wear some short-shorts and an oversized sports jersey. Gilét found nothing wrong with his outfit, but apparently Disneyland security did.

As he details in his blog, he was stopped by security and questioned about his outfit:

"Within a few minutes of being inside the park, a member of staff chased us down, before asking 'do you have anything on under that top?'

So I told her yes, and showed her the shorts I had on underneath. To which she replied, 'OK... Because it gives the impression that you have nothing on underneath. Do you have a change of outfit, because if not, security may remove you from the park.'

Really? Why? She continued, 'It's just that it's a family park.'"

The blogger was taken aback, but says he didn't want any drama or to be kicked out of the park, so he changed into the longer shorts he had in his bag.

%shareLinks-quote="I fully understand that my outfit was a bit unusual and apparently not conservative enough for Disney, but I'm struggling to see the issue. I wasn't wearing an offensive slogan, and I had shorts on underneath that weren't going to expose anything when I sat down. What was the line that had been crossed?" type="quote" author="Anthony Gilet" authordesc="Blog" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Although Gilét is aware that his outfit was a little unorthodox, he was still left confused. Let this be a lesson to all, maybe keep those short-shorts at home when traveling to the magic kingdom.

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