Waiter does amazingly kind deed for autistic customer


After a woman's autistic son received some bad news during a hospital visit, the mother took him out to dinner at their local TGI Fridays. There, the kind staff's selfless actions completely reversed the boy's bad day.

Jen Goodhand-Wyatt, 37, brought her son Oscar, who suffers from an autism spectrum disorder, to the restaurant for dinner after he received news from a cardiologist that he couldn't do karate due to heart complications. After telling the waitress that Oscar is a "Star Wars-loving superhero," Jen explained that Oscar thought the bad news meant that he wasn't a superhero anymore.

The waitress came over to the table 10 minutes later and said to Oscar, "I understand you're a superhero. Here's your menu." When a new waiter came over after the duo's dinner had arrived, he brought two balloon models he'd made for Oscar. In a Facebook post recalling the incident, Jen wrote:

"A little while later he came over and asked me if he could buy a pudding, any pudding off the menu, for Os. Chocolate Brownie it was! When he served it I asked why. 'Because he's a superhero!' was his reply. And on the bill... SUPERHERO was the discount given. Fantastic service."

Jen's post praising the TGI Fridays staff, particularly their waiter Ryan, has gone viral. Jen said of the overwhelming online response:

"I made the post public so that Ryan could get the praise, I didn't expect anything like this. It's been really emotional. The reaction has been amazing, and I'm so passionate about helping those with disabilities that it's great to have this reaction. Oscar keeps asking me: 'How many people like me today mummy? Is it 8,000 yet?' - I had to tell him it was more than double. He couldn't believe it. It just goes to show that anyone can be anything they want, and the kindness of others goes a long way."

Thank you to the kind staff at TGI Friday for making Oscar feel like the superhero he is.

Watch this video to learn about another kind waitress who went out of her way to make her customers smile:

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