Woman makes terrifying find under dryer in garage

A woman's terrifying find in her garage has solved a mystery that lasted over a month. The Florida woman was putting clothes in the dryer in her garage when she heard a hissing noise. The ominous hissing turned out to be coming from the notorious king cobra that escaped from a Florida home in early September.

After the woman heard the hissing noise in her garage late Wednesday night, animal services officers arrived at her home, located the snake and captured it. An animal services officer said that the snake didn't give them "an easy time catching him."

The eight-foot-long king cobra, named Elvis, escaped from a home that's used as a rescue facility for exotic animals on September 2. The snake's owner was fined $366 after waiting 24 hours to report the escape.

The escape kicked off a massive search in the area and kept students at a nearby elementary school from playing outside for two weeks. Now, over a month later, Elvis has finally been returned to his owner.

Watch this video to learn more about how the king cobra went missing and what the search effort was like:

King Cobra Still Missing Near Orlando

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