Shocking footage shows girl 'possessed by devil' after using Ouija board phone app

An 18-year-old girl apparently became "possessed by the devil" after playing with a Ouija board via a mobile phone app. Shocking footage of the girl allegedly becoming possessed has surfaced on the Internet and is going viral. Watch the disturbing footage here.

Locals believe that Patricia Quispe from Chosica, Peru was possessed by evil spirits after using the mobile phone app. Her friends said that they decided to communicate with the spirit world for a bit of fun before the incident occurred. When Quispe went home after seeing her friends, her parents noticed that she seemed unwell.

Eventually, Quispe began convulsing and was allegedly foaming around the mouth. Her parents called an ambulance that took her to the hospital. At first, Quispe's parents thought their daughter may have taken drugs or eaten something unusual. When they contacted her friends, they were informed about the Ouija board.

Those who witnessed the occurrence said that she must have been possessed by satanic spirits as her personality completely changed and she was speaking in a different voice. She also seemed to lose control of her body. Medics said that the young woman was extremely strong and it was difficult for them to control her convulsions.

Quispe was committed to a psychiatric ward as doctors continue to investigate her strange behavior.

Watch this video to learn more about how Ouija boards work:

How to Use a Ouija Board
How to Use a Ouija Board

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