Little girl interrupts her dad's military service for the sweetest reason

Little Girl Hugs Dad Before Military Ceremony Ends
Little Girl Hugs Dad Before Military Ceremony Ends

When a little girl hasn't seen her soldier father in nine months, not even military protocol will stand in the way of her finally welcoming him home. A video has surfaced on the Internet of a sweet little girl running to greet her father in the middle of a military service after his nine-month tour of the Middle East.

In the video, we see the little girl, sporting the cutest bedazzled gold Ugg boots we've ever seen, get up in the middle of the welcome service and run to Lt Daniel Ogelsby in front of all soldiers and military families in the hall. Her father, standing to attention in a row of soldiers, indulges for a minute by giving his daughter an enormous hug before sending her back to the crowd.

The girl then runs back to her seat where her family is waiting with more adorable hugs for her. We can't help but smile from ear to ear as we watch what may just be the best moment of this girl's past nine months.

The soldiers in the video, all from the third Armored Brigade Combat Team, had just returned from a training mission in Kuwait as American allies to counter the ISIS threat in Syria. Almost 300 soldiers returned from the Middle East over the past week.

Welcome home, Lt Daniel Ogelsby! We know one little girl is certainly excited to have you back!

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