Heroic 20-pound puppy ferociously chases away 2 big bears

Watch a Fearless French Bulldog Scare Away Three Bears
Watch a Fearless French Bulldog Scare Away Three Bears

A brave 20-pound French bulldog puppy named Jewel made headlines this weekend after defending her family and home against two 100-pound brown bears on Friday afternoon. Despite being somewhat out of her league, the ferocious little dog didn't back down and managed to scare the two bears away using fierce energy and a loud bark.

Jewel's owner, David Hernandez, said that Jewel may be small but she's definitely a pooch you don't want to mess with. He said:

"She wasn't having it, you're not coming in to her property. She turned into a wolverine."

Jewel might jut be the cutest wolverine we've ever seen (sorry Hugh Jackman). While the incident may seem funny, Hernandez noted that he worries about his two young children. Although it's safe to say Jewel won't be letting any angry bears trespass while she's around, Hernandez has installed cameras and boarded up windows for extra precaution against bears.

Jewel proves that big heroes can come in small packages. Keep doing you, Jewel!More from AOL.com:
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