Happy World Space Week!

Crazy Facts About Space
Crazy Facts About Space

It's officially World Space Week, and this year's theme is "Discovery." From October 4-10, space will be celebrated, with a focus on deep space discoveries.

Huge discoveries have been made in space just in September 2015 alone. We found out that liquid exists on Mars and that dwarf planet Pluto in fact boasts majestic mountains and frozen icy plains.

With that being said, World Space Week emphasizes these amazing strides that have been made with space telescopes, deep space probes and other interplanetary satellites and landers have shown us the magic.

See the gallery below for amazing pictures of space:

The official World Space Week website gives people a list of event ideas as well as a search engine that allows people to search for World Space Week events.

To kick things off, here are some wild facts about space:

1. If the moon were too close to the Earth, ocean tides would wreak havoc and tidal bulges would flood coastal cities.

2. The light hitting the Earth right now from the Sun is 30,000 years old.

3. If you put Saturn in water it would float.

4. There's a planet in the Milky Way made of diamond. It's called 55 Cancri e and it's up to one-third diamond, scientists think.

5. Clay from Mars has a high concentration of boron, a compound that researchers believe is crucial for the formation of life. Then again, they also just found liquid water -- another huge factor in creating life as we know it.

6. A grain of sand held against the night sky immediately "covers up" about 10,000 galaxies -- including many we can't see with the naked eye.

7. In four billion years our galaxy will collide with the Andromeda galaxy.

8. Scientists estimate there are 72 civilizations in the Milky Way and they are likely able to communicate. That being said, even if we found someone to communicate with, it would likely take 400 years to get a response -- thanks to vast distances and the limitations of the speed of light.

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