Wold Animal Day: 10 pics that show why animals are the best

World Animal Day Mashup

Happy World Animal Day!

It's no secret that the Internet loves animals. From Insta-famous pups to viral kittens, animals melt our hearts one Vine, Snapchat or tweet at a time. As today, October 4 marks World Animal Day, we compiled a list of hilarious, adorable animals just to add a little bit of furry fun to your day. Enjoy!

1. This dog and cat are breaking down barriers for their friendship:

2. Nobody likes to eat alone:

3. Talk about being a pig:

4. It's always good to talk things out with a friend:

5. Boys will be boys:

6. Nap time is the best time:


8. We've all been there:

9. This polar bear is ahead of the trends:

10. Mondays, amiright?

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