Why your iPhone's snooze is set at 9 minutes and not 10

The Excuses You Make For Snoozing
The Excuses You Make For Snoozing

Snooze is the most beloved and hated feature in every alarm. It keeps us from dozing off to sleep for the whole day, but it also allows us to take it easy when it's time to get up without the fear of not making it to work or school in time. Most of us use the iPhone's alarm to start the day, but even though we go through the snoozing process every morning, there is a small detail that made us very curious.

Apple decided that the snooze in their devices will be set at nine minutes sharp. Not 10, not five, and the reason behind this is typical of an Apple product. A Quora user just revealed that the specific nine-minute snooze is an homage to old electric clocks. When the first generation of electric clocks came out, their easiest way to set up a snooze function based on their mechanism was to set it at nine minutes, otherwise putting the trigger anywhere else would have resulted in an abnormally long snooze time.

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