Clueless dog is very confused about his new tiny boots


Do you know those very awkward dog shoes that some owners make their pets wear when it gets cold? Bill the dog seems to be having a pretty traumatic experience as the first time he ever shows off his winter collection. The video shows Bill struggling to comprehend why he has to wear those strange boots, but most importantly how to walk in them. The dog tries to take a few steps, but the tiny protective socks are impeding all his movements and make him look really, really unhappy.

Apparently Billy is not the only dog having a hard time with those evil things. Check out this hilarious compilation of four-legged friends trying them out for the first time:

Dogs Try Booties for the First Time
Dogs Try Booties for the First Time

Also, since there is no such thing as too cute, here is a gallery full of adorable puppies:

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